Plant Elixir | Fulvates 2L

Plant Elixir | Fulvates 2L

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Humic Acid is a umbrella term for a group of organic acids.


For plants and humans to survive, we need many different minerals incl Iron, Zinc etc. The problem is that these minerals are not organic. So if you have an iron shortage, you can't just shave some iron off a pole and drink it right? The iron will not be taken up by your cells because it is inorganic.


Humic and fulvic acid act as chelators, or claw molecules. This means they form complex bonds with inorganic minerals which allow those minerals to become 'organic' ie penetrate plant and human cells. Another way to say this is that the inorganic element is wrapped up inside the organic molecule (humic acids) so that it can enter plant cells.


Humic acid attracts minerals and deposits them in crystals around the root zone of the plant for uptake. It is used as a soil conditioner and the effects of treating soil with humic acid lasts for years, cutting down on one's use of synthetic fertilisers. It also has a 40% carbon content... carbon is that miracle molecule that is in everything that is alive and the 'ladder' to which our DNA is attached.


Fulvic acid is a much smaller molecule, so small that it actually carries minerals and nutrients directly into the plant cell's metabolic centre, spurring growth. It has a high iron content (you'll be able to smell it when you open the bottle) which helps with chlorophyll and a plant's ability to turn sunlight into food.



Outdoor grow:

Wait for third set of leaves to appear. Then alternate between humic and fulvic weekly. Add 20 - 40ml to a litre of water and just use it as part of your normal watering process. Use 20ml when plant is tiny, closer to 40ml when plant gets a bit bigger. You can mix both humic and fulvic with your favorite nutrients. Be sure though to first humic or fulvic mix with water before adding your nutrients to that same mix.

You can also just use a light mix of Humic Acid as a soil conditioner ahead of planting.


Pot plants: use only 10ml per litre of water.


Hydroponic and foliar: Use Fulvic Acid only, at a ratio of 6ml per litre of water.


You can mix humic and fulvic acids with your favourite fertliser to improve efficacy. Humic acid and Kelp is one well-known version of this. Dilute the fulvic or humic first before you add the other ferts.

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