Indoor Grow Glasses + Carry Case

Indoor Grow Glasses + Carry Case

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Indoor Grow Glasses

These grow room glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful light and UV rays. They are perfect glasses for Indoor growing and best used along with high intensity lighting. These Indoor grow glasses give you a clearer scope of vision and tremendously reduce eye stress. Industrial quality glasses can be tough to find at an affordable price, yet that is exactly what these indoor grow glasses provide:

  • Blocks UVA & UVB rays, alleviates glare, and reduces eye strain while working under grow lights.
  • 180º of distortion-free, unobstructed vision that makes checking on your plants more convenient.
  • With a nine-base, wrap-around lens design that provides close to the face coverage for superior protection.
  • Suitable for HPS & MH lighting systems. Meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards.

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