enOrmus Bud | Bio-active cell food 100ml
enOrmus Bud | Bio-active cell food 100ml

enOrmus Bud | Bio-active cell food 100ml

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enOrmus Bud is an exceptional formulation which feeds biology, symbiotically enhancing plant growth.


• Cellular respiration is increased
• Phototropism is increased
• Increases photosynthesis
• Increases carbohydrate content of sap
• Increases soil micro flora
• Increases nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil
• Increases phosphorous leaching fungi
• Improves soil aeration
• More resistant to insects and disease
• Has saved diseased orchards
• Less need for pesticides
• Transplant tolerant
• Fruit is larger and better tasting
• Produce lasts longer on the shelf
• Mineral and vitamin content increased
• Plants produce sooner
• Crop yields are increased
• Application is easy
• Application is inexpensive
• Organic
• Non-toxic
• More resistant to freezing

Two ways to love your plants:

At planting add 1ml of enOrmus to water for each square meter of soil.

For monthly maintenance apply as a foliar spray. Add 3ml of enOrmus Bud to 1 litre of water. Make sure you spray underneath the leaves to reach the open stomata in the early mornings. Don’t be tempted to increase the dosage! Less is more for enormous bud.

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