Afghan Original Feminized 3 Seeds

Afghan Original Feminized 3 Seeds

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Afghan Original was developed by crossing several Afghani Indica landraces, its genetics is 100% Afghani. This potent Indica is perfect for novice growers. It is also a resin production champion and, as such, can be conveniently used for hasheesh making. Afghan Original has been probated by hundreds of growers and proven a sturdy, fast-growing productive Indica. Afghan Original can be regarded as the very Afghani cannabis that anyone interested in Afghani Indica should try.

Afghan Original is mostly grown out of doors, but indoor growing works just as well. Suits for hydroponic/aeroponic setups, also greenhouses and even balconies. Provide at least 18-20 litres for roots. Also, it is recommended to use training techniques such as LST, FIM or topping, ScroG or SoG for making Afghan Original cannabis bushier. This will result in far bigger yields. The strain is resistant to moulds, it also guards insect pests away with its aggressive hashy stench. Sometimes plants need supports further into flowering to stay vertical. Outdoor harvesting time October.

This sharply smelling marijuana is a heavy stoner that will make you sit or lie down for 2-3 hours. The medical application includes fighting nausea, insomnia, muscular hypertension, irritability, chronic and acute pains. Great for recreation, especially when you want to get rid of stress or fatigue and do something quiet or simply think. More appropriate for night time consumption.

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